Rayu Recipe


Ingredient list and amount

('Sesame Oil', '110ml')

('Scallion Chopped', '100g')

('Vegetable Oil', '50g')

('Korean Chili Powder', '15g')

('Togarashi', '15g')

('Soy Sauce', '15ml')

('Garlic Cloves chopped', '10g')

('Onion chopped', '10g')

('Fresh Ginger chopped', '10g')

('Sugar', '3g')


01 - Add ginger, scallion, garlic, onion and vegetable oil to a small saucepan. Cook over medium heat until ingredients caramelize

02 - Add sesame oil, chili peppers, soy sauce and sugar. Fry for 2 minutes

03 - Remove from heat. Serve